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Sheila Bannerman, 2015 Red Deer Citizen of the Year

May 11, 2015

While preparing for National Volunteer Week 2015, Volunteer Central had the honour of meeting a wide variety of community engaged volunteers willing to take part in our celebratory exhibit at the Red Deer Museum & Art Gallery, on display until August 21, 2015. We had no way of knowing at the time that included in its ranks was our future 2015 Red Deer Citizen of the Year. Honoured by the Red Deer Rotary Clubs on May 7, Sheila Bannerman is a model example of community spirit.    

Sheila began volunteering at a very young age, five years old, at the local library, and her passion for volunteering in the community blossomed. As well as volunteering at libraries, she’s volunteered in schools, with community organizations, at events and celebrations, at museums, and with social services agencies.  As she sums it up, she’ll volunteer “any place!”   

Sheila had a lot to say when we asked her about volunteering and its impacts. “I volunteer because I believe each individual has the potential to enhance the functionality of organizations and the quality of life of individuals, by contributing our own unique combination of skills and ideas. By volunteering, we enhance our communities in small and big ways so that we can be proud of where we live. Volunteering gives a unique and personal connection to the community. Together, we have a bigger impact.” 

The community is obviously in agreement with Sheila, and they’ve raised their voices to tell her she’s a shining example of a volunteer spirit that is highly valued. On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Volunteer Central, we’d like to add our voices to the mix and extend our hearty congratulations. Sheila, you are an example to look up to. Thank you for all you’ve done for our community.   



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